AQUAPET™ is Limner Tech's new technology, using ISBM molding process and patented specific mold design to build a super thick PET bottle, and overcome the crystallization problem to make PET resin as clear as glass.



1. Transparent: Limner's Tech De-Haze technology is a special mold design for make the PET resin stay clear, not being crystallized.
2. Thick: The highest thickness is over 6mm, and shows a heavy-wall texture as glass does.
3. Colorful: On the basis of qualities of heavy-wall and transparency, the coloured injection could reveal a product color with layers and taste. Not like spray coating, the coloured injection could make the product is still recyclable.
4. Never Breaks: In the ISBM molding process, under a accurate temperature control, the PET resin could be through appropriate stretching, which could enhance its competence of rock. In fact, AQUAPET™ heavy-wall bottle could pass the drop test even from second floor high.

Some companies cannot overcome the above obstacles would use PETG as the resin of heavy-wall bottle. What we concern is PETG resin implies a weak chemical resistance and a risk of dyes dissolution, which would do damage to ingredient.

According to the aforementioned advantages of AQUAPET™, We hope it could be a new option for customers, and could create value, improve user experience for our customers.