Limner Tech-Centered

Limner Tech is a special packaging company which obtain mold-making technology, molding and kinds of decoration processes.

We provide total solutions including design, production and decoration to shape customers' ideas. Hope to earn customers' recognition of our technology, and be considered to be a tech-centered supplier, and could be shared with issues. Please take advantage of our experience and technology to realize your design. We hope to become your development partner.

Independent Development
The development target of Limner Tech is to become a PET bottle expert. We have overcome lots of problems and gain knowledge and experience from it. Furthermore, we have self-made lots difficult ISBM molds, and that would be the key of our molding quality.
Our chief designer, Lai Chin-Sen, has 30-years cosmetic packaging design experience and is famous in the sector. The mold design is also our long-term advantage due to our history, which could support the design by Mr. Lai. With the design power, we could keep developing our ideas, and shaping customers concepts.
Mock-up and Rendering
It's a way to make design more concrete, to be more understood. Normally, we will use 3D-printing to make a mock-up, and assemble the closure, which could reveal true messages without any words. The other way to reveal feelings is making rendering by computer, in different color and decoration.
We focus on the design of mold not the way of making. Thus, good supplier with good machine and equipment could make great work by parts. Our job is to make every parts together and become a high-precision and high-durability mold.
Pilot Run
In the process of pilot run, R&D use lots experimental and functional tests to identify the potential risks and react against them. We need the knowledge of FMEA, QCP analysis and enough experience to control the risk. The other important job is to set range boards for the concrete standard for sensory inspection.
Production Implement
In this production, R&D needs to transit all the information of do's and dont's, and make them in drawing, document or concrete reference. The more potential risks are founded, the more smooth the mass production could be.