Quality System


Limner Tech Quality System

The Quality System of cosmetic industry is different from others, besides dimension measurement, functional tests, Sensory Inspection and Experimental Test are much important.

The key-points of Sensory Inspection is to determine a standard way of inspection and to build a concept of qualified range.

For example, in case of color or transparency, the result would be different if the test occur in different surroundings, by different people. Therefore, we make lots of range boards to cover most of issues. No matter operators, QA, sales or customers, they could have specific reference. Using the similar idea to FMEA analysis, we try to make the range board on purpose during sampling process to reveal the potential risks to our customers.

The systematic QA process make our company stand out from other competitors, and it's a key step to make us better.

First Article Inspection (FAI)

FAI stands for a permission of production, which means it's not allowed to production if there is no FAI OK judged by QA. The practical issue is untime adjustment on running machine. Need to ask technician to make sure it's or not need to pass the FAI again.

Voluntary Inspect

The voluntary inspect is made by technician, follow by QED ruled frequency and numbers. During process, IPQC will be held in the same period of time, therefore we need to make sure the two kinds of inspection are not overlapped to extend the coverage of the inspection. We are willing to spend more time on those inspections in process, because the earlier we learn the issue, more possible we could control it and react.


The IPQC is run by QA staff, therefore we increase the number of sampling, but only for outlook inspection. For some other products, which has strict demand of dimension or functional features, for example air-tightness requested, glued, assembled products, a specific quality engineering drawing (QED) is needed to control the process.


For semi-finished products in production processes are no need to pass FQC, instead in assembly or other finish processes. The FQC is a full inspection which includes aspects of outlook, function, dimension, assembly and packing.


The product which pass the OQC could move into the warehouse, the OQC is also a permission of delivery goods. OQC includes the check of the Mark, Carton, Pallet and other packing materials.