Integrated Production


Total Solution
Total Solution

Limner Tech's total solution is including of:

Collaboration of Mold and Production
It's very hard to determine where the root cause comes form, mold or molding. For most of packaging company, once the issue occurs, they would react by increasing quality check frequency and slowing down the production. Limner Tech has a full-function mold factory in-house. We would use experience-based experimental tests to figure out the root cause and fix it in a very short time.

Various Molding Processes
Limner Tech obtains three molding processes inside the factory, which could make lots kinds of products.

Decoration in-House
We have set some silkscreen print, pad print, hot-stamping and assembly production lines inside the factory. Due to the above processes are easily to get transportation damage such as bumps, scratches, dirt. Especially for high-cost product, we are intend to do decoration inside the factory.

Decoration Out-of-House
Due to the government laws, the high pollutive processes are not allowed to be held inside the National Technology Park. Therefore, we need to seek suppliers, like spray, metallization and hear-transfer factories, in neighborhood area. We carefully choose suppliers and regularly review their performance and communicate concept of quality. We hope to share the idea of being cosmetic sector, not their original industry, it's the only way to play their roles well once they think themselves insiders.