Heavy-Wall Tech


Heavy-Wall Tech

The Story:
PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) is a eco-friendly resin and has a good quality of chemical resistance. Therefore, it's a perfect material for cosmetic packaging, this is why we make it as the key feature of our products.

PET container is normally applied in food or beverage sector. But, as a cosmetic packaging, it is lack of texture when the thickness is not enough. That's why we want to make it as thick-wall bottles, just like a never-breaks glass one.

It's a challenge for us, and we feel excited to provide a new option for cosmetic packaging.

A right answer for:
1. Replacing PETG bottles, because PETG bottles has no chemical resistance and recyclability.
2. Replacing glass bottles, because glass bottles are easy to break, with a hidden risk for user.

In 2012, we attended Cosmoprof Bologna, the world's biggest cosmetic show, we saw lots excellent technology and products there, but also found PET thick-wall product is absent, even in world- famous company's booth. It encouraged us that maybe we could carry out the unconquered challenge.

The categories of heavy-wall bottles:

Acrylic Injection Transparent
Lots options in public market
Double-layers design is needed, cause the high cost and difficult to recycle.
Many components, cause a high charge of molds.
Spray coating is needed.
Long production lead time.
PETG Extrusion or Injection-Blowing Transparent Flow mark
Low recyclability
Easy to break
High cost
Glass Blowing Transparent
High chemical resistance
Low price
Easy to break
Hidden risk for users
Transport loss

PET heavy-wall bottle is another good choice, which is transparent, recyclable, reasonable price, never breaks, no risk for user.

Challenge 1: Costly Molding Machine
Undoubtedly, We need a very good molding machine. But the question is, we do not know which machine could help us to make it done. After some studies, we've found that Nessei ASB company has a great foundation of development, and willing to co-operate. It's a great risk, and we take it.
Challenge 2: Crystallization of PET
We still remember the first sight we met PET heavy-wall bottle in trial. the PET bottle changed color from transparent to hazed in minutes. It shock us a lot, because we knew if we could not make it stay transparent, the project would be failed. To overcome the issue, we spent almost two years to try and error, earn experience and datas. Finally, we make a significant modification on the machine and corresponding specific mold design to solve the issue.
Challenge 3: Resin
We insist to use normal PET resin instead of mixed or compounded PET, because we want to keep the key feature of PET resin: compatibility and recycling ability. We have tried lots of companies' products, by the concern of transparency, and finally choose certain PET resin from Taiwanese resin suppliers.
Challenge 4: Shaping Ability
Just like shaping clay, the thicker it be, it would more hard to shape it. We modify the preform design and conditioning parts to control every details.