Case Insight


Case Insight

Shaping Your Ideas
Limner Tech is a special packaging company which obtain mold-making technology, molding and kinds of decoration processes. Please take advantage of our experience and technology to realize your design. We hope to become your development partner.

Please review the case insights of customized products as below:

Customer: Japanese Cosmetic Brand (S Company)
A full-set injection-blow mold, production and decoration.
(1) Inner Radii
It's very hard to control the inner radii, which is related to the connecting between cap and body, in injection-stretch-blow(ISBM) process. In this case, a special design of preform is needed, and to be supported by temperature control.
(2) Fixed Orientation of Screw
Due to the square shape, a fixed orientation is requested. It could be done in ISBM process as a matter of course.
(3) Plastic Plate Metalization
Overcome the Issue of Deflection during metalization.
(4) Hot-Stamping with Stereoscopic Feeling
Normal hot-stamping is flat due to the way it works: pressing, we have used a special method to make the hot-stamping with a stereoscopic feeling.

Customer: Japanese Cosmetic Brand (S Company)
New decoration in old product
(1) Inkjet Printing
Using latest inkjet printing machine to replace original heat-transfer process. It's a new application in cosmetic packaging.
(2) Control the Tightness of Axis
Need to find out the best combination of components from different cavities. In this way, we could get the consistency of tightness.
(3) Mirror Gluing
In case of the selling region, we have use different kind of glue to ensure the mirror stuck even in specific environment, climate and temperature.

Customer: Taiwanese Haircare Brand (M Company)
Using Existing Preform Mold to Make A Unique Shape.
(1) Asymmetric Shape
Not using a specific preform to make the requested asymmetric shape, we took the advantage of temperature control ability of the molding machine, and enhanced the solidness by stretching the preform.
(2) Thickness Control in certain spot.
Un-uniform thickness is inevitable in asymmetric shape, in this case, we used a mobile instrument to measure the thickness on site, and did the adjustment in real time to find out the best molding parameters.

Customer: Taiwanese Beverage Brand (B Company)
Original Design and Develop
(1) Shape Design
We try to make the beverage as a cosmetic product with fashion sense. The beverage has become the most popular one in its sector market.
(2) Patented Design for Anti-Leaking
Very different from other beverage packaging, our patent could help customers to save the cost of aluminum foil and still could make a perfect anti-leaking.
(3) Labeling
The larger size of label, the more difficult the labeling could be. Supported by machine suppliers to overcome the issue.

Customer: American Outdoor Product Brand (C Company)
A full-set ISBM mold and silicone production.
(1) Special Design of PP preform
A specific design for PP preform to react the resin's feature. It's very from PET resin, but we still overcome the issue.
(2) New Step to Silicone Product
It's the first time we make the silicone product. By the experience we got, we have made some other silicone accessories for cosmetic packaging.
(3) Falling Test
The design made by the customer has a default of yield point in the ring of the cap. We have tested lots of resin to find the balance of transparency and solidness.