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Custom Skincare & Cosmetics Packaging Design And Manufacturing - LIMNER Tech

Limner Technology Co., Ltd., since 2001, is one of the prime cosmetic bottle manufacturers based in Taiwan.

Private label and high-quality printed cosmetic skincare packaging. ISO certified one stop production from mold making to cosmetic packaging such as silkscreen print, hot stamping, spray coating, metallization and color spray, our service is professional and creative.

LIMNER Tech has been offering customers sophisticated custom cosmetics packaging, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, LIMNER Tech ensures each customer's demands are met.

Business Module

Public Products / Private Molds

Business Module
Business Module

Two Main Business Modules:
(A) Purchasing Public Products with customized decoration.
(B) Developing Private Molds from design, mold to production.

Modules(A) Public Product(B) Private Mold
CustomerLimner TechCustomerLimner Tech
1InquiryProduct number
Eta date.
Referent sample.
Concept, idea of design, referent samples, decoration, functional request.Feasibility assessment, spec, concept design, quote.
2ContactDetails of decorationPI
Details of decorationPI
3Place OrderSigning PI / order
Feed Back:
Down-payment recipt
Signing PI / order
Drawing, down-payment recipt
4PPSConcrete color referent sample, confirm script of HS / SS, confirm compatibility and functional tests.Give you:
Color range board, HS / SS range board
Color sample chip.
Concrete color referent sample, confirm sample dimension, final drawing, script of HS / SS, range boards, compatibility and functional tests.Mold-making
Final drawing
Color range board,
HS / SS range board
Color sample chip.
5ProductionCheck the quality before shipment, rest payment.Inspection documets.Check the quality before shipment, rest payment.Inspection documets.