TB5 PET Heavy-Wall Bottle


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TB5 PET Heavy-Wall Bottle | Custom Cosmetics Packaging Design And Manufacturing - LIMNER Tech

Limner Technology Co., Ltd., since 2001, is one of the prime TB5 PET Heavy-Wall Bottle | cosmetic bottle manufacturers based in Taiwan.

Private label and high-quality printed cosmetic skincare packaging. ISO certified one stop production from mold making to cosmetic packaging such as silkscreen print, hot stamping, spray coating, metallization and color spray, our service is professional and creative.

LIMNER Tech has been offering customers sophisticated custom cosmetics packaging, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, LIMNER Tech ensures each customer's demands are met.

TB5 PET Heavy-Wall Bottle

30 / 50 / 100ml Heavy-Wall Essence Bottle with Glass Texture

TB5 PET Heavy-Wall Bottle
TB5 PET Heavy-Wall Bottle

AQUAPET™ products embodies Limner Tech's patented technology, which makes PET bottles more transparent and thicker, looks just like glass, but never breaks. Because of the chemical resistance of PET resin, AQUAPET™ bottle is very suitable for essence and serum, much better than PET-G bottles.

30 / 50 / 100ml, three kinds of capacity for customers to choose from.

Article No.CapacityOver-flowMaterialWeightNeck FinishShapeDimensionHeight
TB30-530ml37mlPET43gØ 20/410RoundØ 40mm75mm
TB50-550ml54mlPET53gØ 20/410RoundØ 45mm84mm
TB100-5100ml105mlPET53gØ 20/410RoundØ 46mm114mm
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