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Shape | Custom Cosmetics Packaging Design And Manufacturing - LIMNER Tech

Limner Technology Co., Ltd., since 2001, is one of the prime Shape | cosmetic bottle manufacturers based in Taiwan.

Private label and high-quality printed cosmetic skincare packaging. ISO certified one stop production from mold making to cosmetic packaging such as silkscreen print, hot stamping, spray coating, metallization and color spray, our service is professional and creative.

LIMNER Tech has been offering customers sophisticated custom cosmetics packaging, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, LIMNER Tech ensures each customer's demands are met.



Categories by shape:
(1) Round
(2) Oval
(3) Angled
(4) Other Shape

  • Round - Round

    Shape of round is the most popular shape, with the following advantages: a lower silk-screen print cost due to the front and back side could be printed in one time; easier to hot-stamping; more solid, etc.Note: Some coned bottle will lead a higher SS/HS cost due to the separated processes on one side.

  • Oval - Oval

    The features of oval bottle: Separated print for front / back sides; Pad print is needed while the arc is too shape; Down size the logo in case of HS; Not so solid in edges, etc.

  • Angled - Angled

    The features of angled bottle: Separated print for front / back sides; Pad print is normally used; Easier to hot-stamping; Not so solid in coners, etc.

  • Other Shape - Other Shape
    Other Shape
    Special Curved

    Other not common shapes.