Diamond Acrylic Essence Bottle


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Limner Technology Co., Ltd., since 2001, is one of the prime Diamond Acrylic Essence Bottle | cosmetic bottle manufacturers based in Taiwan.

Private label and high-quality printed cosmetic skincare packaging. ISO certified one stop production from mold making to cosmetic packaging such as silkscreen print, hot stamping, spray coating, metallization and color spray, our service is professional and creative.

LIMNER Tech has been offering customers sophisticated custom cosmetics packaging, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, LIMNER Tech ensures each customer's demands are met.

Diamond Acrylic Essence Bottle

Double-Layer, Acrylic, Serum Bottle

Diamond Acrylic Essence Bottle
Diamond Acrylic Essence Bottle

Diamond Series is our first set of public product, which was considered as a presentation of our 40-years mold-making experience and technology. The key feature of Diamond Series is the diamond-shaped engraving on both sides. Through the geometric arrangement, it could reveal a beautiful sight of light refraction.

The engraving could also create a new experience of tactile memory which is the correlation of brand identity and brand loyalty.

Diamond Acrylic Essence Bottle is designed as a double-layer container, the outer one is of acrylic resin (PMMA), the inner one is of PETG resin. It is suitable for common essence, serum, foundation and essential emulsion.

Only 30ml one is available, please refer to the SPEC:

ItemCapacityOver FlowMaterialNeck FinishShapeDimensionHeight
DIB03030ml38mlPMMAØ 18/410RoundØ 37138mm
ComponentResinRecommend Decoration
OvercapPMMASpray / HS / Rim HS
PumpAl. + PP* Anodisation (Gold / Silver)
ShoulderABS* Metalization (Gold / Silver)
Inner BottlePETGColoured
Outer BottlePMMASpray / HS / SS
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