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Application | Custom Cosmetics Packaging Design And Manufacturing - LIMNER Tech

Limner Technology Co., Ltd., since 2001, is one of the prime Application | cosmetic bottle manufacturers based in Taiwan.

Private label and high-quality printed cosmetic skincare packaging. ISO certified one stop production from mold making to cosmetic packaging such as silkscreen print, hot stamping, spray coating, metallization and color spray, our service is professional and creative.

LIMNER Tech has been offering customers sophisticated custom cosmetics packaging, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, LIMNER Tech ensures each customer's demands are met.



Categories by application:
(1) Essence / Serum
(2) Cream
(3) Lotion / Toner
(4) Emulsion
(5) Oil / EDU / Cologne
(6) Foundation
(7) Haircare / Daily Use
(8) Travel

  • Essence / Serum - Essence / Serum
    Essence / Serum

    Essence is a skincare product which is made of polymer extracts concentrated nutrients. It might be based on water or oil.The feature of essence is small molecule, pure ingredient and high concentration, which could lead the nutrients deep down to skin.There is no obvious difference between essence and serum. In general, essence is aqueous; serum is oily. Essence is with nutrients to improve overall skin quality, the main purpose is anti-aged; Serum is specific to certain skin issue, such as stain, wrinkle, dull, etc.

  • Cream - Cream

    There are lots categories of cream, such as day cream / night cream / eye cream / blemish balm and make up base, etc.Creams could make an oil film (sebum membrane) over skin to protect it from temperature change of surrounding, supply water and oil to keep skin moist and keep its softness and elasticity.

  • Lotion / Toner / Remover - Lotion / Toner / Remover
    Lotion / Toner / Remover

    Lotion is mainly for skincare nowadays instead of cleaning.Lotion is made of 70% water, the main ingredients are vitamin C, acid, essence, alcohol, etc.Remover is made of oil, could dissolve makeup and dirt. It's a physical reaction, and the quality of oil is crucial.Mineral oil, Synthetic oil and Vegetable oil are the common choice for remover oil, and vegetable oil is much popular than others, but easy to oxidized.

  • Emulsion - Emulsion

    The key feature of emulsion is its high water content which could keep skin moist and moisture dry skin instantly. Emulsion would form a thin breathable protective film keep outer dry air apart.Emulsion product is compatible with PET / PP / PE bottle and pump.

  • Oil / EDU / Cologne - Oil / EDU / Cologne
    Oil / EDU / Cologne

    Essential oil is an volatile aromatic substances extracted from plants. Unilateral essential oil is only compatible with glass bottle, but compound essential oil would be compatible with plastic one. Due to its volatility, Limner Tech has developed heavy-wall PET bottle, come with Butyl rubber with low air permeability, to prevent from volatile.For perfume product which could be classified by concentration: (1) Perfume: Over 20% (2) Eau de Perfume: 10 - 20% (3) Eau de Toilette: 5 - 12% (4) Eau de Cologen: 3 - 6% (5) Eau Fraiche: 1 - 2% Limner Tech's heavy-wall PET bottle could be compatible with EDU, Cologen and Eau Fraiche. Because of the thickness, the heavy-wall bottle could reduce air permeability and keep perfume from being evaporated and deteriorated.

  • Foundation - Foundation

    Liquid Foundation is the last step of skincare and the first step of makeup, could keep the dirt in the air apart and keep skin moist.Foundation product is suitable to our heavy-wall PET bottle which is with high transparency and allowing to see the color of foundation through it.

  • Daily-use / Hair - Daily-use / Hair
    Daily-use / Hair

    This category contains shampoo, body wash, hair conditioner or other daily use products.

  • Travel Set - Travel Set
    Travel Set

    This category contains small packing bottle for travel with shampoo, body wash, hair conditioner inside, and gift bottle, open-shelf type small bottles.Most of them are in smaller volume among 30 ~ 50ml.